Monday, November 01, 2010

Dyeing is easy

Panicked frenzy here, as I get ready for my own show next weekend. This is the first time I've committed to a full 10x10 booth by myself, so I am retooling my displays a little bit. My sister was nice enough to make an Ikea run for me, as I live 2 hours from the nearest one and that tends to be a splurging sort of event. Only needed some WILMA curtains, but wasn't sure the color was quite right. They were close, a bright kelly green, but my displays tend to be more lime-ish.
So I dyed them!
Past dye experiments have taught me that it never is as easy as buying one box and going with it. I purchased some yellow, green and red just in case. The yellow and the green just made the curtains a little brighter, so I added a tiny bit of red. (Red being the opposite of green, it will tend to "brown out" green) Simply using hot water in my kitchen sink was easy and effective. I had a snippet of fabric next to the sink, and just kept checking my curtains against that until it was right. (you can see the orange-brown color the white label turned) I'll post finished product photos after the show, or come visit!
Plaza Palomino in Tucson Nov 5-7 booth 85


alexkeller said...

see ya there :D

EddieDuckling said...

Can't wait to see the finished result. Good luck with the show.