Monday, October 04, 2010

Norcross Art Fest - Atlanta Georgia

Just returned from a trip to Atlanta, where my husband got to play tournament golf with his dad and we all got to celebrate the in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. The ladies spent Saturday at the Norcross Art Fest, where we walked our feet off and saw lots of talented vendors.

My interior design background, along with a general love of all things repurposed makes me adore talking about creative craft show display options. Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share some of the nice artists I met with you, and discuss what makes their booths interesting to me. (Next time I will bring my good camera, and hopefully get better shots!)

Let's start with the booth shared by Rachel Greenfeld & Kim Quinn Nicholson

After I took notes on Saturday night while I edited the photos, I visited their websites. I had noted how chill these girls and their booth was, but didn't know that Kim's etsy shop tag line is “laid back, cool and simple” Yup. You nailed it girl!

So. The lesson here? If you are relaxed, and want to emanate that feel in your display, don't get too fussy or precise with your presentation. You can still look totally professional and make your items intriguing. These girls used unfinished and rustic materials, (paint-y ladder, sanded down window frame, painted two by four and nails, handwritten/stamped/type font on traditional manilla tie tags ) to send that easy-going message.

I really liked how their booth used some traditionally “male” pieces to display their wares. I don't know that they did this instinctively or on purpose...but both the cigar boxes and the vintage ladder are both kinda masculine. Rachel's belt buckles and the jewelry that Kim makes are not girly-girly and I bet their display pulls in women AND men who will like their work. (The booth was full the whole time I was there...) Note the aged painted box on the ladder. One could do something like this to store your bags and tissue paper at a show, or larger products spilling out. The ladder also shielded their chairs from view.

The whole booth has a very "go-ahead-and-touch-it" feel. Loved the burlap over the lacy vintage table cloth as well as the nails simply driven into the wood block to hold rings. Very casual and not too precious. Suited the wares very well.

Note how they have a buckle sitting on the shabby child's chair, under the window frame display. It is always a great idea to have items readily available for customers to pick up and touch. If everything is carefully pinned and displayed, people are often afraid to interact with the merchandise.
They also used risers well on the tables. Some wooden boxes were hidden under the burlap towards the corner, and an overturned bucket lifted a display plate. The mini pumpkins gave a little pop of color without going full-on thematic or being distracting.

More photos at Rachel's Flickr page

Be sure to check Rachel and Kim's Etsy shops to get a closer look at their work

I'll be posted more photos from other vendors in coming weeks...would love to hear your comments!


Kcookski said...

A ladder and window frame as displays? Cool, very, very cool.

alexkeller said...

i think i commented on the wrong post - egads! thanks for sharing your display ideas :) but am i the only one that dislikes the rice?

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

great post!
i absolutely ♥ these kinds of displays! among other unconventional props, i use lots of galvanized wash tubs & buckets for my displays.