Monday, October 11, 2010

Earring Display ideas

The owner of Fused Glass Fantasy, Mari Aoki Knight's booth was filled with light and sparkle. Her showstopper is a series of large glass flowers mixed with wire to form a statement necklace! Really gorgeous! She created these elegant earring displays that have the same curvaceous feel to them as her jewelry. Using a similar material for your displays as you use for your merchandise is always a good technique for making everything work together. Mari beefed up the scale, but repeated the same curly-cues that her dramatic jewelry uses. Smart girl!

Simply made of copper tubing and wire which she then painted gold. Notice she wires the base to a glass block as needed for stability. Mari brought up her display from Tallahassee, Florida and when you travel, it is nice to have lightweight pieces...but don't forget about wind! You can also make bean bags that match your tablecloth to place as needed. It is always a good idea to pack some tape too, just in case!

Copper tubing is relatively inexpensive and found at most hardware stores. It is easily shaped or drilled as needed and could be used as Mari did, or even more extravagantly to form trees or supports for your wares.

Spray paint is The Great Unifier! Just about anything can be painted, even if it has texture. I've seen suedette jewelry busts and tiny faux Christmas trees recolored with paint to great effect. A single color of paint can make your whole display cohesive, even if the items are from different sources or are of different design. If your jewelry has an earthy vibe, try painting different wood bowls or frames collected from thrift stores in the same color to collect items on your table. Do you make girly headbands? Try cheap-but-extravagant metal pieces like serving trays and candelabras all painted in shades of hot pink and drape your items over them!

Not a seller? You can try out these ideas for displaying (and containing) your things on your dresser. Feel free to post links to photos of what you do in the comments.

Mari does not have a website, but you can email her here or find her on Facebook.

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