Friday, June 04, 2010

Buying Dilemna

Is this not the cutest set you've ever seen?? The chairs PIVOT along the back edge to bring you closer together. This is just the kind of thing I happen across, don't buy and then forever haunts me. I have absolutely no place for this. Husband would kill me if I brought it home... But it would be so cute in a small kitchen for two. Or in a large hallway as a little telephone rest stop! Or a front courtyard, in view of a sunset for a spot to rest with your sweetie while you sip a glass of wine.
Do YOU have a place in your life for this? Contact me ASAP and I will play furniture matchmaker. I love to do that! Almost as much as keeping the treasures I find!


jacquelyn said...

Hey there! I am very much interested in this set. Can you drop me a line?

musingsbyjacquelyn at cox dot net


alexkeller said...

thanks for posting your display finds :)