Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rioting Necklaces

Today I finally got to do a little creative stuff! Still don't have a lot of energy as I recover from the Mother Of All Colds, and I (ahem) had to test the cable, as we have been having a lot of trouble with the signal. So I mostly camped out in the living room and worked on things that have been sitting out for awhile. Someone suggested that I create some sewn pendants, without the heavy stones, and I found some great ready made chokers at the gem show this year. Here is attempt number 1! I am trying to create more wearable, less expensive pieces.

In that same vein, it was also suggested that I sell ready made accompanying items, to help boost the bottom line. I am looking at some wholesale things that I could quickly add bits of sweater to, as well as things like rings that go with my jewelry, but that I don't make. What do other artists think of this concept? Is it a cop out in some way?
And those of you who just buy you think that dilutes my handmade things too much?
I am considering opening up a store front on my own website for my complete collection. I desperately want a REAL brick and mortar store, but that is just not likely to happen in this economy, with two kids in/on their way to college! So my concept may just have to go online... I want to offer a full line of housewares, lamps and furniture (to order) as well as all the vintage things I love to collect AND bits of jewelry!

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alexkeller said...

i say go for it - create your lifestyle brand! i have a site in mind, too, that i'll email you...