Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Successful Day!

A very successful vintage shopping day today. Check out these shoes!! Turquoise velvet with silver trim and silver heels! Late 1960's and in very good shape. Wow! I also found a bunch of vintage textiles and some interesting coats. Also spent some time with my torch and made these rings. I am getting better at soldering...though I still really like the rough look. Next up? New necklaces using these babies.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Sofas!

Just before Thanksgiving, we bought these two new Ikea Karlstad sofas. So far so good! I chose two sofas instead of a sectional so that we would have more flexibility. I like to move furniture around. Love the long slipcovers that Ikea recently introduced for this sofa. I also like that it has just two seat cushions, instead of three. Looks sleeker.
Here are some photos of the room, and vignettes in the area.
Love the pair of lamps I found. The hammered metal is perfect in my house and the scale helps to balance the high ceiling in the room. Bowls are useful to hold all sorts of little clutter stuff that I like near me in the living room. (Remotes, headphones, pen/paper)

Now I am searching for fabric for new pillows.

Look how pretty the light is going through the glass! I liked grouping a bunch of finial shapes together here. Colors pull in the thrift store painting.

View from the front door. You really don't see the balls under the table in real life. Looks like too many in this picture! The old sign making stamps on the table say "Welcome" and "?" and are of course, backwards. Love that... The table serves to separate the Entry area. Usually, I like to make the seating area more welcoming, by keeping it open, but this works better here.