Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rearranging is good for the soul

I did a little bit of moving things around today. Sadly, I've let my own house fall by the wayside lately. Time for a pick-me-up-pick-IT-up!

This corner used to have a tree in it. An old ficus that I had miraculously kept alive for I believe 15 years or so. It caught a bug, and I decided to let it go. Ficus trees are a bit passe in the decorating world...but a tree is a tree! And it filled the space.

I've had an empty corner for awhile now, and it was time to do SOMETHING with it. Let me be clear. This is not your amazing transformation, ready for House Beautiful, photo. This is a "gather what is in the closets and make it look better before your mother-in-law gets here" situation. But maybe it will give you some ideas. I find that playing around with what I have already, helps me to define what is good, and what needs improvement. Then I can shop for just the right thing. Next on my list is new sofas. My red leather sofa finally ripped. These brown chairs are on their 3rd slipcover. I think I want to attempt white slipcovered sofas...two of them. I think they will be a nice backdrop for a "desert industrial loft" feeling.

So maybe my afternoons efforts will give you some ideas for your house! It doesn't take money...just creativity.

You can see the very attractive surround sound speaker hanging up there. I needed something tall to detract from its beauty. I bought these straight twigs at Ikea a while back. I filled a metal container with plaster I had saved from when my boys made handprints in sand. Then stuck the twigs in. Makes a nice screen effect! The urn is something I acquired from my mom a number of years ago. I think she bought it at Cost Plus. It was in the hallway by the door. The table? You can't see them, but the feet are very cool and pointy and I found the table at Goodwill for $35. I had seen a similar shape in a very chi-chi design studio, in black, for a boutique style price. It was shoved in a closet when it's last space was taken over by a weight bench/clothing rack. I wish it was painted already...but it's not. The former tree basket is still under the table, because it fills the space under the table with a little texture as well as hides cords a little bit. In this view it needs something in it! Maybe balls or something. It will probably get magazines tossed in though. There is a light on a timer behind the twigs. That will instantly add glamour to your room!

I added a painting sans frame that I bought at a swap meet decades ago. It is spotted but I always liked the colors. It still brings a pop of color and a little depth to the arrangement. A pewter bowl from a thrift store is holding some earrings I need to list on Etsy. (This is my favorite chair in our family room. I live here.) I use the old typing table for whatever project du jour is going on in the chair. It is never this clean. But my in laws are nearly here! A candle is nice, and not likely to be knocked over. My new extension phone is convenient...now I just have to wait for the new season of Mad Men and Project Runway to start!

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