Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Guest Artist!

I've been invited to be the guest jewelry artist at one of my favorite Tucson galleries!  Gallery Row is doing a new promotion, jewelry nights on every first Thursday from 5-7pm.  I'll be at Details Art & Design!  

I think it will be a trunk show dealio...I'll be bringing everything I have in stock.  I've been working hard to make more, more, more!! (Ok. I need to work harder.) 

When we first moved to Tucson, almost 16 years ago, we went on a lot more family outings with our kids. We used to go visit Details and Green Shoelaces down at Plaza Palamino. Vicki moved the gallery up to the Foothills a number of years ago, but Details Art & Design has a similar funky mix of high quality, colorful funky things. Frankly, I am kind of astonished that now I get to show my work there!  If you come and visit on Thursday, don't pinch me too hard...I might wake up!

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alexkeller said...

Can't wait to see - and meet you!