Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Work

Can it be true? I've actually been creating things?? Take a look!

First up, a pair of shoes I created for myself. I made up a variety of sweater felt flowers, and simply glued them on to a fab pair of shoes I picked up at a thrift.  (Yes, cute Charles David shoes!) I was planning on making them shoe clips and just attaching them temporarily, but I knew I would never change them glue it is!
 On my last visit to our local Buffalo Exchange, one of the managers oohed and ahhed over a flower headband I had on, and asked me to consign some. Here is a photo of the festive floral adornments you can pick up by visiting.  
 Finally, I am really excited about a series of necklaces I have been working on using vintage pins, buttons and baubles. This one is made with beads my online bead friend Lou made from some broken wine glasses she saved! I need to take some better photos of those beads... This series of necklaces is very fashion forward this spring, as Statement Necklaces are finally back in vogue.  Fun to wear too!

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