Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm baaaAAAAccckkkk!

Well my darlings, I have returned. I am getting my creative hands dirty again. Yay! I have missed it. I have been reading some new-to-me blogs and have been gettting reinspired about what I want to share in this space. A mere recitation of what is new in the studio is so dull, and so much pressure! The truth? There isn't always something new in the studio. Except maybe piles. Those I am always adding to.
But the real action is going on inside my head! Things I see, people I meet, thoughts I think...
I will try to edit those last ones! But I hope to share more of what I find in this space. You will get a fuller picture of where my ideas come from.
(I'll just share a little bit of my crazy at a time.)
So here is an interesting site for you to check out!
Fabulous, and I do mean FABULOUS vintage loveliness!! High end perfection. Plus, some really cool remakes of vintage goods.

I am personally deeply in love with this by TWIST:

I know, I know. Fur. Well. It has been dead a long time. Might as well use it. Just not in Tucson. You will die of heatstroke, even in February. These lovely plump roses are made of recycled yarn, reknitted and then felted, from what I can tell. I love the multi-color nature of the petals. I've recycled yarn. I've knit flowers. I'm not going to do that anytime soon. But I may experiment with my felted sweater scraps and see if I can get a more 3-d look to my flowers. I*did* buy a nifty fur scarf today. That I should be able to tolerate, even in Tucson. Even just one bloomin' bud will update it!

Lovin' the contrast of the funky fun colors and the serious fur. The vintage appeal. This would look so cute with jeans. On any age woman.

What do you think? What about this look on a brown sweater? Or a tee? So many possibilites!

Another hot little tip I am using that is helping me out. I've begun using Google Reader to gather all interesting blogs in one place for me to check out at once. I know there are other programs that do this, but I never quite got into the routine of those. Google Reader seems simplier to me. There is even a subscribe button you can download to the top of your screen, so everytime you come across a blog you like, you just click "subscribe" and into your Reader it goes. Just go to and click on Reader.

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