Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Successful Day!

A very successful vintage shopping day today. Check out these shoes!! Turquoise velvet with silver trim and silver heels! Late 1960's and in very good shape. Wow! I also found a bunch of vintage textiles and some interesting coats. Also spent some time with my torch and made these rings. I am getting better at soldering...though I still really like the rough look. Next up? New necklaces using these babies.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Sofas!

Just before Thanksgiving, we bought these two new Ikea Karlstad sofas. So far so good! I chose two sofas instead of a sectional so that we would have more flexibility. I like to move furniture around. Love the long slipcovers that Ikea recently introduced for this sofa. I also like that it has just two seat cushions, instead of three. Looks sleeker.
Here are some photos of the room, and vignettes in the area.
Love the pair of lamps I found. The hammered metal is perfect in my house and the scale helps to balance the high ceiling in the room. Bowls are useful to hold all sorts of little clutter stuff that I like near me in the living room. (Remotes, headphones, pen/paper)

Now I am searching for fabric for new pillows.

Look how pretty the light is going through the glass! I liked grouping a bunch of finial shapes together here. Colors pull in the thrift store painting.

View from the front door. You really don't see the balls under the table in real life. Looks like too many in this picture! The old sign making stamps on the table say "Welcome" and "?" and are of course, backwards. Love that... The table serves to separate the Entry area. Usually, I like to make the seating area more welcoming, by keeping it open, but this works better here.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Indie Chic on 10th Street

This Saturday, Dec 5th I will be up in Tempe taking part in Indie Chic @ 10th Street from 10 am to 5 pm at the ASU Art Museum.

Indie Chic @ 10th Street is an alternative craft fair with a collection of art and crafts. The show features local vendors and handmade items ranging from clothing to jewelry to ceramics and wall art. Free parking is available just outside of the Ceramics Research Center on the NE corner of Mill Ave. and 10th Street, in museum-marked spaces. Metered parking is also available on the street.

Hope to see some of my Phoenix friends there!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A new toy!

Sometimes you find something so wonderful, you just gotta have it!
This is a portable sewing machine from 1952, nicknamed the Grasshopper. It is designed to fit snugly into its case, which then slides into the free arm to create a table. I was surprised to see the two bakelite oilers were included, as they weren't mentioned in the auction.

But the most fabulous thing is, these things are GREEN!!!!!!! I've just got to figure out how to use it in my green Honda Element...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot date!

Today we dropped my oldest son off at his college dorm. I won't go into the emotional fallout...suffice it to say, he will do fine and I will survive!

So, my husband took the day off to help on moving day. We started off very early and were kicked out of the dorm by 10 am. So there we were. Younger boy in school, empty house...

So we went to Harbor Freight Tools! We have a hot life here in Tucson...

See my new toy? I am going to see what else I can do with that vintage tin. I also bought some circle cutters, but I am not optimistic. They are a bit small. But at Harbor Freight, you can experiment a little. Hope you have a hot date with your main squeeze soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

It's a blue day. So I tried going to the studio to drown myself in loud music and creativity. Leaving the half-finished projects undone, I decided to go straight for the idea that has been in my head for awhile. I bought this pretty tin tray at Goodwill...I think it was even half off...with no particular project in mind. Today I finally cut into it! I cut out a few squares with my shiny new tin snips. Sanded most of the roughness off the edges. Bled a little (good for you) and started to play around with different felt colors and ideas. Absolutely nothing is settled yet, but I am excited to see what is taking shape! I knew the tray was familiar, but I didn't realize just how closely the pattern is to one of my favorite things. When I was about 12 years old, a friend gave me a tiny tea cup and saucer for my birthday. I loved it. (Thank you Anna!) I was able to find one more at the same antique shop and searched ebay for years till I found a few more.When my boys first started school, we would have "tea parties"
when they came home, so they could
tell me about their days. We would share super-sweet
raspberry tea and cookies while we used our tiny tea cups. They loved it! It was very civilized and grown up and they were so careful with the tea cups.
Look how well my new tin necklace parts match the china pattern!! I do hope I will be able to get more than one necklace out of this tray, or it is going to be awfully hard to sell it...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rearranging is good for the soul

I did a little bit of moving things around today. Sadly, I've let my own house fall by the wayside lately. Time for a pick-me-up-pick-IT-up!

This corner used to have a tree in it. An old ficus that I had miraculously kept alive for I believe 15 years or so. It caught a bug, and I decided to let it go. Ficus trees are a bit passe in the decorating world...but a tree is a tree! And it filled the space.

I've had an empty corner for awhile now, and it was time to do SOMETHING with it. Let me be clear. This is not your amazing transformation, ready for House Beautiful, photo. This is a "gather what is in the closets and make it look better before your mother-in-law gets here" situation. But maybe it will give you some ideas. I find that playing around with what I have already, helps me to define what is good, and what needs improvement. Then I can shop for just the right thing. Next on my list is new sofas. My red leather sofa finally ripped. These brown chairs are on their 3rd slipcover. I think I want to attempt white slipcovered sofas...two of them. I think they will be a nice backdrop for a "desert industrial loft" feeling.

So maybe my afternoons efforts will give you some ideas for your house! It doesn't take money...just creativity.

You can see the very attractive surround sound speaker hanging up there. I needed something tall to detract from its beauty. I bought these straight twigs at Ikea a while back. I filled a metal container with plaster I had saved from when my boys made handprints in sand. Then stuck the twigs in. Makes a nice screen effect! The urn is something I acquired from my mom a number of years ago. I think she bought it at Cost Plus. It was in the hallway by the door. The table? You can't see them, but the feet are very cool and pointy and I found the table at Goodwill for $35. I had seen a similar shape in a very chi-chi design studio, in black, for a boutique style price. It was shoved in a closet when it's last space was taken over by a weight bench/clothing rack. I wish it was painted already...but it's not. The former tree basket is still under the table, because it fills the space under the table with a little texture as well as hides cords a little bit. In this view it needs something in it! Maybe balls or something. It will probably get magazines tossed in though. There is a light on a timer behind the twigs. That will instantly add glamour to your room!

I added a painting sans frame that I bought at a swap meet decades ago. It is spotted but I always liked the colors. It still brings a pop of color and a little depth to the arrangement. A pewter bowl from a thrift store is holding some earrings I need to list on Etsy. (This is my favorite chair in our family room. I live here.) I use the old typing table for whatever project du jour is going on in the chair. It is never this clean. But my in laws are nearly here! A candle is nice, and not likely to be knocked over. My new extension phone is I just have to wait for the new season of Mad Men and Project Runway to start!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Vintage Sailor Dress with manga potential!

Just listed this dress on etsy. I am going to *try* to upload it to Polyvore so we can all play paper dolls with it! I am about to give up!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage clothing on Etsy

I've starting listing some of my vintage items in my etsy store. This is a dress/coat by Saybury in a fab modern floral print. I will attempt to upload it to Polyvore to experiment with accessorizing. Let's see how it goes!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Facebook experiments

Just testing out some applications to link my blog with my Facebook account. Just in case, you know, I ever actually get around to blogging.

My July newsletter will be coming out any day though! If you are not already on my mailing list, please sign up at

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Guest Artist!

I've been invited to be the guest jewelry artist at one of my favorite Tucson galleries!  Gallery Row is doing a new promotion, jewelry nights on every first Thursday from 5-7pm.  I'll be at Details Art & Design!  

I think it will be a trunk show dealio...I'll be bringing everything I have in stock.  I've been working hard to make more, more, more!! (Ok. I need to work harder.) 

When we first moved to Tucson, almost 16 years ago, we went on a lot more family outings with our kids. We used to go visit Details and Green Shoelaces down at Plaza Palamino. Vicki moved the gallery up to the Foothills a number of years ago, but Details Art & Design has a similar funky mix of high quality, colorful funky things. Frankly, I am kind of astonished that now I get to show my work there!  If you come and visit on Thursday, don't pinch me too hard...I might wake up!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going home!

Say goodbye to "Slick,"  as it was just purchased from my Etsy store. Matte onyx stone squares, wired together with oxidized sterling silver, subtly colored felt circles and tiny pearls. I chose colors for this necklace that were found in the opalescent shine of the pearls...such as you might see on a slightly oily puddle in the sun.

I liked this necklace a lot...and I am sure its new owner will too!

At the opening of Re-Visions

A photo, lifted from the pages of Karen Lukacs' blog showing my necklaces. (On the brandy snifter, made from recycled felt pieces, beads made from broken wine glasses by Lou Fedorick, and laying on the floor of the display is Felt Rocks!) Karen also works with recycled fiber. Her purse here is made of a sweater and the tiny bag, out of a silk necktie. The necktie bag and my necklace look particularly fab together! Also shown in this case, brooches made from aluminum cans by Mark Ramsour.  One says "act cool," made from a Cactus Cooler can. I overheard Mark saying he can't find anymore of those discontinued cans, but if you've got one, he wants it!  Evidently many people want to "act cool" but this is the last pin, and not for sale.   Do go see the show at Tohono Chul!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gallery Show coming right up

I just dropped off my two necklaces that are to be included in Tohono Chul's next show!  Re-Visions will feature works created out of reclaimed materials.  I peeked around a bit and there are some interesting things to see!! The artist's reception is Thursday, May 21 from 5:30-7:30 and I would love to see you there.  Show will run all the way through August 23.

I'm also working diligently on finally getting an email newsletter up and running. So much new technology to learn, so little time to actually MAKE stuff!  I certainly don't want to spam anyone, so if you are interested in joining the list, please sign up in the little box right on this page!

Gotta get all these earrings I have been making up on my Etsy site!  Poor little shop is empty...
I've also got some fabulous necklaces to list, made by my friend Barbara as well as some funky vintage finds.  My studio overfloweth!

Also this week, my oldest son graduates from high school!  A huge milestone for all of us.  Please, pass the tissues though...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a few recent finds

These are a few interesting pieces I found on my travels recently. Filigree rectangles, unmarked, have a ton of embossed detail, front and back. I'm waiting for a testing kit to arrive, but I don't think they are anything more than base metal.
Little coral colored plastic flower clips have tiny rhinestones on them. Also unmarked.

My favorite find is this little pair of UFO tassel earrings. Unmarked, with aqua rhinestones all around the diameter and on the delicate little ear wires.  Sweet!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Work

Can it be true? I've actually been creating things?? Take a look!

First up, a pair of shoes I created for myself. I made up a variety of sweater felt flowers, and simply glued them on to a fab pair of shoes I picked up at a thrift.  (Yes, cute Charles David shoes!) I was planning on making them shoe clips and just attaching them temporarily, but I knew I would never change them glue it is!
 On my last visit to our local Buffalo Exchange, one of the managers oohed and ahhed over a flower headband I had on, and asked me to consign some. Here is a photo of the festive floral adornments you can pick up by visiting.  
 Finally, I am really excited about a series of necklaces I have been working on using vintage pins, buttons and baubles. This one is made with beads my online bead friend Lou made from some broken wine glasses she saved! I need to take some better photos of those beads... This series of necklaces is very fashion forward this spring, as Statement Necklaces are finally back in vogue.  Fun to wear too!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Loving this room

From the New York Home Design section...this is actually an office. But I think it looks blissful! Maybe minus the airplane models, though, I have always liked that kind of thing!
From an aesthetic point of view, I love the black walls and bookcases and the traditional chairs upholstered in a funky way. Great mix of modern and traditional. But mostly, I can see myself living in a room like this, just moving from chair to chair with a huge stack of books. It FEELS good to me.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am obsessing over this magenta-turns-to-orange color found in the bottom right of this photo. We found it recently on a dress lining that had turned color with age. The lining was a little, uh, funky...and sadly unusable. So I must recreate the color somehow. Not quite sure yet what the application will be. Flowers? A necklace? I'll share it when I figure it out!

I'm baaaAAAAccckkkk!

Well my darlings, I have returned. I am getting my creative hands dirty again. Yay! I have missed it. I have been reading some new-to-me blogs and have been gettting reinspired about what I want to share in this space. A mere recitation of what is new in the studio is so dull, and so much pressure! The truth? There isn't always something new in the studio. Except maybe piles. Those I am always adding to.
But the real action is going on inside my head! Things I see, people I meet, thoughts I think...
I will try to edit those last ones! But I hope to share more of what I find in this space. You will get a fuller picture of where my ideas come from.
(I'll just share a little bit of my crazy at a time.)
So here is an interesting site for you to check out!
Fabulous, and I do mean FABULOUS vintage loveliness!! High end perfection. Plus, some really cool remakes of vintage goods.

I am personally deeply in love with this by TWIST:

I know, I know. Fur. Well. It has been dead a long time. Might as well use it. Just not in Tucson. You will die of heatstroke, even in February. These lovely plump roses are made of recycled yarn, reknitted and then felted, from what I can tell. I love the multi-color nature of the petals. I've recycled yarn. I've knit flowers. I'm not going to do that anytime soon. But I may experiment with my felted sweater scraps and see if I can get a more 3-d look to my flowers. I*did* buy a nifty fur scarf today. That I should be able to tolerate, even in Tucson. Even just one bloomin' bud will update it!

Lovin' the contrast of the funky fun colors and the serious fur. The vintage appeal. This would look so cute with jeans. On any age woman.

What do you think? What about this look on a brown sweater? Or a tee? So many possibilites!

Another hot little tip I am using that is helping me out. I've begun using Google Reader to gather all interesting blogs in one place for me to check out at once. I know there are other programs that do this, but I never quite got into the routine of those. Google Reader seems simplier to me. There is even a subscribe button you can download to the top of your screen, so everytime you come across a blog you like, you just click "subscribe" and into your Reader it goes. Just go to and click on Reader.