Friday, June 06, 2008

"Who me? A model??"

Today I got to be the subject of a photo shoot for an upcoming story in the Arizona Daily Star! Here you can see photographer David getting the lighting ready for my big debut. I had prepared the night before by watching
"She's Got The Look" (the over 35 model search reality show) I must not have been paying close enough attention though, because David had to keep reminding me to MOVE after the sound of the shutter clicking... Ohhhh yeahhhhh!!! Many shots of me "naturally" swinging my purse as I stand still next to a colorful painting at the Tucson Museum of Art ensue. The story is a part of Kristen Cook's Style Scout series. I get to be the "local designer buys cute stuff at bargain prices!" I even wear a pair of shoes I picked up at a thrift store and painted. (Tutorial to follow!)

I think my day job is safe, but do watch out for my mug in the Accent section Saturday June 28th.  

*Here is the article link to Secondhand Style by Kristen Cook* When it ran...the photo was scarily huge!! And the day before they did a "teaser shot" with a close up of my face looking oddly lizard like. My kids referred to me as The Chameleon all day. Sigh. So much for the modeling contract!

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