Sunday, February 24, 2008

International Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

This week my article in Etsy's Storque came out! I got to tour the Gem Shows in Tucson with my very own Etsy Press Badge. No one asked for it, but I felt better having it since they don't usually allow cameras into the shows. I am lucky enough to live in Tucson, so all the beads come to me every year. The scale is truly hear languages from all over the world, out of the mouths of both vendors and buyers. Some buyers are negotiable unimaginalbe volume purchases, while others are trying to work a deal to buy just half a strand. In addition to my Reporter cap, I got to be Shopper for some of my online jewelry friends. Spending other people's money is always a good time!! Thankfully, I think they are happy with what I bought for them...and I had a great time tracking down beads I wouldn't normally have reason to buy.

See my whole report here:


DBrownDesigns said...

I do love all the goodies you picked up for me. Congrats on the Storque article!

Catirina Bonet Designs - Fun! Funky! Hand Knitting Patterns said...

Congratulations on the Storque article!! Great work!!