Sunday, September 23, 2007

sweater felt rainbow

TRYING to clean up and get organized! We're heading into the busy season now. Lots of shows coming up in November and perhaps a new job starting soon! Spent some time in the studio today, puttering. Got these small-ish pieces of sweater felt all ready and at my fingertips! I really need to tackle the closets and cabinets and weed out projects and supplies that are less than likely to turn into something interesting. Do I NEED a kids' wooden weaving loom? If it was plastic, it would have been gone years ago! Drafting supplies from college? I just don't know...the stuff at the reproduction place looks JUST as old!! My mother's old Dr. Spock baby care book? I know there are gems in there that would be great ephemera in some project...
being creative is very space intensive I tell you!!