Sunday, June 24, 2007

High Tech Crafter

I always thought High Tech things were uhh...high tech! My husband is an optical engineer. Seems they needed someone to make a multiple layer insulation blanket for an optical detector. For seamstresses, my husband's company had to choice of me...or another engineer's grandmother. I resisted. I tried to bring up all of the high tech reasons I could think of to avoid doing it. I am not exactly precise when it comes to measuring. Really, I'm one of those just-drive-the-nail-into-the-wall-and-hang-up-the-damn-picture kind of people. Early on in our marraige, we decided to try to speak each other's languange during projects. Forever more, he was supposed to suggest new ideas with the preface "Why don't we just..." which speaks to my FINISH THE DAMN THING attitude, and I am to say "I have an idea..." which fits in with his "let's reengineer the whole thing and make it better" method of operation. We ARE still married! However, I got suckered into the high tech project. The fabric is about 20 layers of mylar or something similar, alternating with layers of exceedingly fine mesh. All totally unsecured and slippery as hell. YOU try sewing on saran wrap!! In case you are curious, the infrared detector needs it really, really cold (that is a scientific measurement to me...) to detect what it is looking for. I can't tell you what it is looking for...would have to kill you!! But you my friend, are looking at the very first Detector Cozy.

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abbey753 said...

Oh Jenni, that's too funny the things we do for the ones we love.
Hey may you can get a patent on it . Lou