Friday, June 08, 2007

Felt Rocks! necklace

Here is the Sunset colored version that is now available in my etsy shop. The colors are actually just slightly warmer in real life than I see on my monitor. Maybe it is just that there isn't much of the orange felt showing in this photo. More photos in the etsy shop!

I am particularly excited because these necklaces have also been "buyer approved" for one of the BEST contemporary craft galleries in town!! As soon as the green one gets back from it's photo shoot, and I make a few more they will go to the gallery. This was the shop I used to wander through, in a reverent daze when we first moved to town. To actually SHOW there??? Wow! Feels really good just to think about it! I'll share a link to the shop just as soon as my items go into the case!

1 comment:

Galleria said...

Congratulations on your showing - that is wonderful. Sounds like an upscale gallery too.

The necklace is lovely and unique!