Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ancient Chandelier Earrings

Back in the 80’s, one of my favorite pairs of earrings were huge s-curls of flattened wire. Or maybe they were cut out metal…but they had that wonderful linear quality that wire can bring to a design. I have been having great fun experimenting with this new design, in a similar vein as those old favorites. Chandelier earrings are still hot, but I’ve become bored with the prefabricated components so many designers use. I wanted to create something really big and flashy, yet a little rustic. I think these have that archeological quality I was after…almost like they were just dug up or rescued from the bottom of the sea. Both the hand hewn quality of the wire work and the imperfect stones of carnelian, aquamarine and apatite contribute to this effect. With this ancient quality in mind, I have not coated the copper with anything to preserve its rawness. It will develop a patina of either brown or green, sooner or later! Since I am not sure how this is going to play out, I am wearing them for a while and will make more for sale once I see how they work! So far, they are very comfortable!! What do you think?


pagano designworks said...

Please give me your opinion and suggestions about these earrings! Would you wear them?

GalleriaLinda said...

These earrings are gorgeous. I love-love-love the copper.


Galleria said...

Glad to see that your comments are working. I love the wire work on these - very nice.