Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stitch booth 2007

My little home in Austin Texas for the STITCH show! It was a lot of fun and I met some very cool people. Can you believe I fit all of this into two suitcases and a carry-on? Once the house lights dimmed and my lamps (including little puck light inside the cubes) were on, it popped pretty well. Thanks Austin!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots of views!

It's been a busy week!
I was blessed to be in many wonderful treasury lists on Etsy this week, and TWO made it to the front page! That just *doesn't* happen, so I am thrilled! Above is a screen shot of the Felt treasury...you can see my "Icy Stream" necklace on the right. It's made with recycled sweater felt and amazonite nuggets. A number of buyers bought some of my stacker earring collection. They are an inexpensive way to get in on the fun!
Here is a stacker fiesta in progress, earrings that have not yet been listed on Etsy.
The reason life has gotten hectic, is that I took a part time job as Assistant Manager of an Upscale Resale Boutique being run for our school district Foundation. You can visit its very own blog to see our progress. The store is coming together and should be fully open for business next Monday!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

sweater felt rainbow

TRYING to clean up and get organized! We're heading into the busy season now. Lots of shows coming up in November and perhaps a new job starting soon! Spent some time in the studio today, puttering. Got these small-ish pieces of sweater felt all ready and at my fingertips! I really need to tackle the closets and cabinets and weed out projects and supplies that are less than likely to turn into something interesting. Do I NEED a kids' wooden weaving loom? If it was plastic, it would have been gone years ago! Drafting supplies from college? I just don't know...the stuff at the reproduction place looks JUST as old!! My mother's old Dr. Spock baby care book? I know there are gems in there that would be great ephemera in some project...
being creative is very space intensive I tell you!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been blogged!

You may have noticed that late last night I added a new shop widget to this Cata-blog. I finally put some new, exclusive items into my SmashingDarling shop that you can see a peek of just the right here. Woke up this morning to find that Trisha Ginter, owner and designer at SmashingDarling had decided to use all of my pieces in her blog today!!
Guess I had better get some more things in there pronto!!
I'm having a bit of a dilemna though. Many sellers post their one-of-a-kind items in more than one place on the web. (Etsy,Mintd,SmashingDarling,ebay,RubyLane...etc!) There is some concern about things selling in two places at once. Pretty unlikely. But, does it diminish the uniqueness of an item to see it all over the web? What do you think?
In other news, it is my sister's birthday today!! Happy birthday Nicki!! I love you!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Subtle Circles Necklace

Wait...did you hear the fire alarm??
NO!!! You didn't and this is earth shattering news!!
I fired up my acetylene torch, made a bunch of stuff and DIDN'T burn the house down or injure anyone!
So I am freeeeeee to create at last! I made these copper rings and then attached a bunch of beautifully colored felt bunches to them with more copper wire.
This necklace is extra long and can be worn doubled up. See it in my etsy shop! Click the photo to be magically transported there.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gallery Night, Providence RI

Deb Clemons, curator at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, just emailed me this flyer for the upcoming Eco-fashion show. Look!!! There is my "Fresh Produce" Necklace!!! How cool is that??

It joins three other necklaces that will take part in the event on August 16th in Providence.

The fashion show is part of a larger, city wide event called Gallery Night. Free shuttles transport patrons all around the city to see special exhibits in many of the town's galleries. Art is big in Providence, as RISD is considered the best art school in the country.

Monday, August 06, 2007

EtsyTeam Blogged etsyBEAD and ME!!

wooo hoooo!!!

The etsyBEAD street team has been working hard promoting our weekly Theme of the Week. And it appears Etsy Admin have noticed! I just found their blog post that features our current theme "Good Morning, Sunshine!" and a photo of MY EARRINGS!!!! (see the blog post here)
But there is much more than just my earrings available! The whole team is getting creative, and listing their items for super-saving prices.
Get to Etsy and search for the perfect sunshine moment!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Enter to win free jewelry!

The Team of Talent, also known as the Eclectic Jewelry Artisans, that I market my jewelry online with has come up with yet another contest! We were all given the "ingredient" of WIRE to use in our creations...however we saw fit. (This is a close up photo of my entry the Ancient Golden Chandelier Earrings, of brass and citrine.) The entries are AMAZING!
Here's your chance to vote for your favorite wire project by the artisans of EJA and your chance to win a free gift bag that will include hand made jewelry and other goodies!! Just visit eeja.org/wire_com/wired.html and fill out the form. On July 25th, we will draw a lucky e-mail address from those that have voted. One vote per person. Voting on an item will sign you up for our newsletter that will inform you of future sales and other prize drawings.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

EJA Meet Up!!

I just returned from a trip to Atlanta to visit family, and am thrilled to have been able to meet fellow Eclectic Jewelry Artisan designer June, from MandalaJewels! June is just as sweet in person as she is online, and it was wonderful to be able to connect a real person to the fabulous, funky and colorful work June creates! She told us about a co-op shop she is planning to exhibit in, so after lunch my sister in law and I scooted right over to check out Beehive Co-op. What an adorable shop!! Very clean lined and modern, and it appears each local seller gets a little "cubby" area to display their wares. There is a whole back room for jewelry, where June's work will really stand out. Looks like they offer classes and have a light tent all set up and ready to go!
You can check it out too at www.beehiveco-op.com and see June's work in her etsy shop at http://MandalaJewels.etsy.com

Sunday, June 24, 2007

High Tech Crafter

I always thought High Tech things were uhh...high tech! My husband is an optical engineer. Seems they needed someone to make a multiple layer insulation blanket for an optical detector. For seamstresses, my husband's company had to choice of me...or another engineer's grandmother. I resisted. I tried to bring up all of the high tech reasons I could think of to avoid doing it. I am not exactly precise when it comes to measuring. Really, I'm one of those just-drive-the-nail-into-the-wall-and-hang-up-the-damn-picture kind of people. Early on in our marraige, we decided to try to speak each other's languange during projects. Forever more, he was supposed to suggest new ideas with the preface "Why don't we just..." which speaks to my FINISH THE DAMN THING attitude, and I am to say "I have an idea..." which fits in with his "let's reengineer the whole thing and make it better" method of operation. We ARE still married! However, I got suckered into the high tech project. The fabric is about 20 layers of mylar or something similar, alternating with layers of exceedingly fine mesh. All totally unsecured and slippery as hell. YOU try sewing on saran wrap!! In case you are curious, the infrared detector needs it really, really cold (that is a scientific measurement to me...) to detect what it is looking for. I can't tell you what it is looking for...would have to kill you!! But you my friend, are looking at the very first Detector Cozy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Etsy front page

Check it out! Eclectic Jewelry Artisans was featured on the front page of Etsy.com!!! There are my "Obi Earrings" third down on the right! It is always exciting to be on the front page as many people see your work and come to visit your shop. The Eclectic Jewelry Artisans are a wonderful group of very talented jewelry designers, and I feel privileged to work with them to market all of our work. You can visit our galleries at www.eeja.org, where each artist has a banner that links to their store.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Soda Pop Earrings

The EtsyBEAD Theme of the Week is launched!! Every Sunday a new Theme is announced in the etsy forums, and etsyBEAD team members turn on the creative juices. First, we upload photos of our Theme Items to our EtsyBEAD Flickr group page...
Then we list our items on Etsy with special reduced prices for the week!! Buyers can easily find the new items by either visiting the Flickr Group, searching Etsy with the tags "EBTW" or the name of the Theme, which this week is, "Summer Lovin Color"
Happy Shopping!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Felt Rocks! necklace

Here is the Sunset colored version that is now available in my etsy shop. The colors are actually just slightly warmer in real life than I see on my monitor. Maybe it is just that there isn't much of the orange felt showing in this photo. More photos in the etsy shop!

I am particularly excited because these necklaces have also been "buyer approved" for one of the BEST contemporary craft galleries in town!! As soon as the green one gets back from it's photo shoot, and I make a few more they will go to the gallery. This was the shop I used to wander through, in a reverent daze when we first moved to town. To actually SHOW there??? Wow! Feels really good just to think about it! I'll share a link to the shop just as soon as my items go into the case!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another design in a book!!

Very exciting week at Pagano DesignWorks!
I have just been informed that a few of my felt designs will be included in a SECOND book published by Rockport/Quarry press next year!! This one is called Sweater Surgery by Stefanie Girard. Look too for my work to be displayed in a second gallery in Tucson...not there QUITE yet, but in the works!
This brand new necklace is a prototype design. Superlong, it can be worn looped many different ways. I would love to hear what you think about it, and if you have any creative names you would like to suggest!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ancient Chandeliers 2

I am having Blogger-angst!
has been helping me trouble shoot why there are no comments tags viewable...
Perhaps, they will only show up on new posts?? So I am doing a redeux (doing a redo? duexing a redeux???) of this item to see if we can get a conversation going here!
Evidently there is a blogger problem with the comments feature. I am not insane! You aren't either!! Hopefully this will work out soon. Until then, you CAN leave comments by clicking on the post title and going directly to that post's page.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ancient Chandelier Earrings

Back in the 80’s, one of my favorite pairs of earrings were huge s-curls of flattened wire. Or maybe they were cut out metal…but they had that wonderful linear quality that wire can bring to a design. I have been having great fun experimenting with this new design, in a similar vein as those old favorites. Chandelier earrings are still hot, but I’ve become bored with the prefabricated components so many designers use. I wanted to create something really big and flashy, yet a little rustic. I think these have that archeological quality I was after…almost like they were just dug up or rescued from the bottom of the sea. Both the hand hewn quality of the wire work and the imperfect stones of carnelian, aquamarine and apatite contribute to this effect. With this ancient quality in mind, I have not coated the copper with anything to preserve its rawness. It will develop a patina of either brown or green, sooner or later! Since I am not sure how this is going to play out, I am wearing them for a while and will make more for sale once I see how they work! So far, they are very comfortable!! What do you think?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue So Phist Necklace

This chunky necklace has already sold and is now living in New York leading an exciting life! It was one of my favorites, and the color combination is still intruiging to me, I am sure I will play around with this theme again. I really like the subtle variations in color and texture. Blue sponge coral gives that great denim color, labrodorite in both blue and green varieties add flash and sparkle as do the faceted surfaces of the brown pietersite beads. Irregular onyx pebbles and fluted ebony wood beads bring depth while the brushed matte sterling flat rounds bring a modern edge. All pulled together with my signature handmade “industrial strength” sterling silver chain links.
A very elegant yet earthy and modern look!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mistress of the Rose earrings

This pair of earrings just screams out "Ahna" to me! For those unfamiliar with the name, Ahna is the driving force and unstoppable web mistress and leader of the Etsy Street Team "Eclectic Jewelry Artisans" or EJA. (Sometimes, there is an additional E in front of the moniker, for the Etsy part of the name!) Ahna has a gothic, bohemian style and makes a variety of gorgeous jewelry, stained glass, perfume, candles and art. A very busy girl!! She collects roses...so these earrings are perfect for her. These carved onyx beads have a rose on both sides! The garnet dangles jingle a little bit. Ahna just received a mini care package from me, that included some of these beads, so I am sure she is busy creating something beautiful with them. Check out her work, as well as the other talented EJA team members by visiting our galleries at www.eeja.org

Fiery Felt earrings

Fiery Felt earrings
Originally uploaded by pagano designworks.
I am so excited to be able to announce that this pair of earrings is scheduled to be published in an upcoming book entitled 1000 Jewelry Details by Sandra Salomony!!! I participated in a call for entries just a few months ago and am THRILLED to be chosen. My photographs are even going to be used...which is such a rush. I did end up reshooting the earrings, since my existing photos were taken with low-res, with the web in mind. I think I actually improved the shots. She's hoping to use a close up of the orange earrings similar to this photo, and perhaps a full page of a line-up of various similar designs. The book is scheduled for Spring 2008 release from publisher Rockport/Quarry. They also publish lots of books on interior design...maybe they'll be able to use some of my other projects?! Wouldn't THAT be cool!!

Latin Dancer earrings

Latin Dancer earrings
Originally uploaded by pagano designworks.
A flirty expolosion of citrine and carnelian with the bounce and flounce of a gorgeous Latin dancing dress. Combined with a festive and exuberant sterling silver round, these earrings are ready for a party!

Many Blessings earrings

Another wonderful choice for a bride or grad this year, the pearls represent the bountiful blessings you wish to bestow, both large and small. Made of luminous pearls and gold filled wire for classic and sophisticated beauty.

Kyanite Talisman Earrings

These earrings have such a dramatic, earthy flair! It was difficult to capture the beauty of the Blue Kyanite in the photos. There are translucent and possess a beautiful "flash" like opal. A modern bride could wear these for her something blue and look smashing!

Green Kyanite and Gold wire wrap earrings

I love, love, love Kyanite! It is a lovely translucent stone, with opal-like flashes and a striated form. So when I found a bargain deal on these rough kyanite shards, in both green AND blue, I just had to add to my bead collection. This particular pair is mine, as I experiment with the design. Handmade gold-filled ear wires and gold fill wire wrap. I want to do a version with oxidized sterling silver as well...and may experiment with copper and brass. Of course, each pair of earrings will differ as the beads are all unique!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Breezy Industrial Strength Necklace

Breezy Industrial Strength Necklace

So chunky, I call it “Industrial Strength!”
An easy to wear necklace, in a cool and refreshing mix of blues and greens for both casual and dressy wear. You will find a palette of turquoise beads, a large nugget of Amazonite, some denim blue sponge coral, lovely chrysophase with black matrix and recycled Indonesian glass, all tied together with fluted pumpkin beads, modern brushed circles and a rugged handmade chain of sterling silver. Nestling right at your collarbone, you will reach for this necklace again and again to add color and modern panache to your outfits.

Approximately 18” long (45 cm)

check my etsy store at http://paganodesignworks.etsy.com for availabilty or contact me directly.