Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dotty Purse (recycled sweater felt!)

Dotty is part of the Recycled Rosie series of items I make from recycled sweater felt. Six different colors of sweater felt plus a polka dotted silk blouse make up the majority of this small-ish handbag. You still get to use one of the shirt pockets, now inside for your cell phone or lipstick! Dotty measures 11” wide, 7” tall and handles hang about 5 inches. Each dot is carefully sewn on with embroidery floss and topped with a vintage button. The bag is edged in recycled silk yarn that I hand-dyed in my kitchen. Yes, that means this yarn was a sweater too! The bag closes with a tiny magenta button tab closure.

Look for Dotty in my Etsy store at or email me for information regarding availability.

Ebony Geometry Necklace

Ebony Geometry Necklace
I brought a bunch of my chunkiest, nuggetiest jewelry to Bohemia gallery in Tucson today. Since some of those pieces will need to be taken out of my Etsy store, they won’t be visible online anymore. What a perfect time to start my Cata-blog! Here you will be able to see many of my creations, new and old. They will remain here even once they sell, so you can get a sense of what kinds of things I do.

The Ebony Geometry necklace was a featured item on Etsy soon after I listed it, and got many positive comments. It is made of Tiger Ebony wood beads and sterling silver. I like how the negative spaces made by the holes in the biggest beads are visually matched with the brushed sterling rounds. There is a chain at the back which allows you to adjust the necklace to the perfect length from 17 1/2″ to 24″. This necklace is very comfortable since all the beads are flat. You get the hefty size of jewelry with presence, without the weight of hefty beads! Please contact me to find out if Ebony Geometry is still available.